Hope you have had fun poking around our site and fantasizing about running off to Iceland for some epic photos. All our photo packages come with a full day of shooting as well as help planning your day. We always give ourselves 4 full days on the ground in Iceland (and recommend that you do too) in case of inclement weather. We are flexible about moving around our shoot days with you so that we can catch the best weather. July and August are popular months to travel to Iceland because of the warm weather and long days. But don't discount the winter months! We decided to start Elope in Iceland as we were sipping a tea at a small coffeeshop on a cliff overlooking the sea in March when we spotted a brave bride and groom from Boston on their wedding day with a small entourage of photographers. I grew up in the Northeast and I am not afraid of snow. 

Next step is to choose an area to explore. Snaefellsnes Peninsula in the west of Iceland is the area we go back to every time we visit Iceland. This picturesque peninsula is nicknamed "little Iceland" because of the variety of natural wonders concentrated in such a small area. It is very peaceful, quiet and we will have plenty of privacy and freedom to roam around and explore rocky cliffs, caves and pebble beaches!  As we mentioned before the popular spots in the south can get very crowded in the high season, so if we chose Vik and the surrounding areas we will have to be patient and creative with our timing. 

Car rental is about $100 a day in Iceland and a guest house is about $150 a night. Guesthouse Snjofell in Arnarstapi is a great base to explore the peninsula. We can help in regards to places to go and things to do :) I love planning and we have the invaluable guidance of my best friend Marta in Rekjavik! Stops at secret hotsprings are included in every wedding package. ok just e-mail us already!!