How to Get married in Iceland

Allotted time:

Allow at least 5 days from arrival in Iceland to wedding date (5 days to verify original documents with The Reykjavik District Commissioner). We recommend giving yourself more time due to preparation, weekends, holidays or unexpected delays.

Necessary legal documents:

Please note that all documents must be submitted in English or a Scandinavian language. If your documents are in another language, contact the Embassy in your home country or your Embassy in Iceland for an authorized translator. All translated documents must be certified with and apostille stamp. If your documents are translated, be prepared to submit the original copies in your native language for verification as well as the translated version.

Citizens of Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden must only supply passports and witness forms. Forms declaring that they are free to marry can be processed in their resident country.

  • Original or certified copy of birth certificates
  • Valid Passports with arrival stamp or visa
  • Certificate of No Impediment*/Affidavit declaring that each party is free to marry (sworn in your resident country before a notary public, at least 4 weeks prior to the planned wedding ceremony)
  • Witness Forms (Hjónavígsluskýrsla) (obtained from the Sýslumaðurinn í Reykjavík (The Reykjavik District Commissioner).
  • Divorce decree documented proof that assets have been divided and finalized, if applicable (to be sent to and signed by the Dómsmálaráðuneyti (Ministry of Justice).
  • Death certificates and documented proof that assets have been divided and finalized of the deceased spouse, if applicable
  • Some places of worship may require additional documentation. It is recommended to contact the officiant prior to leaving on your trip, if applicable

Legal requirements to get married:

  • Ceremony (Civil/Religious)

All legally recognized weddings preformed in Iceland are civil. Traditional, religious, non-denominational or secular ceremonies are not legally recognized, but can accompany a civil ceremony to fulfill the desires of the bride and groom-to-be.

  • Age and Relation

The bride and groom must be at least 18 years of age. Parental consent is necessary if either party is underage. Note that the legal age in your home country must be met to be recognized. They cannot be related by blood, marriage or adoption.

  • Witnesses

Two witnesses over 18 years of age must fill in forms but do not need to be present for the wedding ceremony.

  • Registry

Send copies of all documents to the Sýslumaðurinn í Reykjavík (The Reykjavik District Commissioner) , to arrive at least 2 weeks prior to the planned wedding ceremony. Bring original documents at least 5 days in advance of your planned wedding date to Sýslumaðurinn í Reykjavík (The Reykjavik District Commissioner).

*A Certificate of No Impediment, is also known as a Single Status Affidavit, Single Status Statutory Declaration, Certificate of No Record,  a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage, Certificate of Nulla Osta or a Certificate de coutume (plus an MP2A form).

Note: This information can change at any given moment. For up-to-date information, contact your embassy in the country in which you plan to marry.