Our story


Our story

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Hey i am jenny

this is me and my family on a typical sunday afternoon

My background is in photojournalism and editorial photography. I started shooting weddings in 2009 when many of the art directors and photo editors I worked for started to get married. I was happy doing travel and documentary work at the time but when I shot my 1st wedding something clicked (pun intended) and I knew that I had found my calling. I consider it an honor to play such an important role in my couples lives. For years I shot images that would be seen in a newspaper for a day or 2 and fade away. The images I get to take now will be treasured for generations and it gives me such such a deep purpose in life for which I am truly grateful.

I was very fortunate to have checked off many of my “photographer bucket list items” early on: Shoot for the New York Times- check, Hang out with Lin Manuel Miranda while he freestyle raps for you during a photos shoot-check. Work diligently and passionately for years on a documentary project on the Tibetan Diaspora and then the Dalai Lama attends your opening exhibition in Mexico City-check. My husband calls that a humble brag. I am very fortunate to come from a strong photographic pedigree and had the life experiences that have shaped my skill and vision in the present day

In New York City I am the head honcho of Stylish Hip Weddings and Eloping is Fun. Stylish Hip Weddings is the wedding photography company for cool ass couples who want amazing photography and have a good time during the process. Me and my husband started Eloping is Fun about 4 years ago for all those cool ass couples who did not want to pile on a ton of debt for a big wedding…and finally I launched Elope Iceland for you cool ass couples who want to start their life together on an adventure and I am exited to be on that adventure with you!

I live in Bushwick with my husband, 2 adorable daughters and 3 chickens. I have been travelling to Iceland for over 15 years. My BFU (best friend in the universe) Marta is from Iceland. We met many moons ago in a tiny town in Morocco. I first visited visited Iceland on an editorial assignment about a small town on the coast that rescues puffins for a English travel magazine and have been coming back ever since.

Here is a little peep into my world from my Instagram account